How activity training helps to be active at the workplace?


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There are couple of things that you can do to keep yourself active at workplace. And for all these things Strack can be your best friend to remind you about these activities at your workplace.

1- Walk or ride at least part of the way to work.

2- Volunteer for the coffee run.

3- Have standing or walking meetings.

4- Try a standing desk.

5- Walk instead of calling or emailing your colleague.

6- Stretch at your workplace after an hour or less.

And Strack got your back to remind you for all activity training at your workplace.

Here are some of the features of how Strack can help you with your activity training.

1- Reminder for Inactivity.

2- Customization settings.

3- User friendly app.

To find out how to customize settings for Activity Training please visit the suggested article shared at the bottom of this page.

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